What is Stacks?

Every stack is its own social network—when you make one, you can drag-and-drop the content that appears on each post.

What’s really cool about this is that it lets people experiment with different kinds of social media constraints really rapidly. We’ve been having some fun on it, and we’ve love to see what happens when more people join. Please join us.

How does it work?

Create a unique hashtag. This will pop up our card editor.
Drag and drop behaviors from the bottom toolbar onto the card—this will be your template. Click 'Post' to start the Stack.
To add a post to your social network, click 'Post' in the Stack.
Change out content from the template of the Stack, then click Post. This new card will be placed on the Stack.

What can you do with Stacks?

Want to make a community where people share photos of food and tag their friends in it? Or one where people check-in to concerts and share audio clips of the show? A photo-sharing community with no comments but six different Like buttons? A group for sharing articles and commenting on them using sketches? The users are the architects.