Avatar Explorations

These are a series of Unity experiments into how avatars may be customized in VR.

I thought of, prototyped, and coded all of the following interactions.

Github Repo

Key Interactions

Before starting to prototype, I started coming up with all the ways I could think of to change an avatar in VR. These were then sorted into categories in order to pare them down to the most common interactions



Drag on to Change

Description of interaction


  • Easy for users to understand—it could also be themed to make the connection easier to make (e.g. use a paintbrush to change the texture of your head)


  • Every time you pick something up, it implies you change the appearance of your hands. You either need a different way to change your hands, or change the appearance of your hands last.
  • Can be imprecise and easily accidentally triggered.

Slash to Change

Options are around the user. To select an option, the user uses the sticks in their hands to touch the option.


  • Easy for users to understand the interaction
  • Requires multiple steps to change anything other than the items you're holding



Typefaces used are Caudex and Anaheim
Designed and coded by me, with extensive help from Stack Overflow

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